Taxidermy & Fish Replicas


Where do you ship?

With over 50 years in business, Fittante Replicas & Taxidermy has had to ship to many countries as well as across the USA and Canada. With great handlers and carriers, there should be nowhere we cannot send to.

Are there discounts for bulk orders?

Fittante Replicas & Taxidermy has done large orders for museums, education centers as well as large outdoor stores. Quantity discounts can be arranged. Value is determined by quantity. Please call Fittante Replicas & Taxidermy and ask to speak to a representative for more information.

Do you do repairs to existing pieces?

Repairs and restores are a significant part of the services that Fittante Replicas & Taxidermy offers. The repairs can be made to the request of the owner, as to look like the original or made to look like new!

What species do you work on?

With over 50 years in the business, no project is too small or big. Fittante Replicas & Taxidermy has worked on projects as small and large. Fittante thrives on the challenge of new endeavors and ventures.

Can you do custom work?

Actually, all work that Fittante Replicas & Taxidermy does is custom and original. Whether it be bird, fish, or mammal; each piece is its own individual project and the attention is put forth as such. This is said for the recreation, mount, habitat, display, right down to the woodwork.